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“Plátano Bonito” explores the insidious effects of productivity culture on our mental, emotional, and physical well-being by exposing the pervasive consequences of a society that glorifies work at the expense of the human experience. Through an abstract narrative lens, the art aims to shine a light on the complex interplay between capitalist realism and the human desire to normalize toxic ideas and detrimental incidents for the sake of producing and consuming.


The plátano (o banano) serves as an absurdist tool that represents the relentless cycle of constant and abundant production and consumption to the point where it is no longer recognized as useful, and is instead harmful.


The dancer is a reminder that there is a real human cost to an obsession with distorted capitalism when we remain hyper-focused on work and suppress our own natural instincts and needs (ie human connection, health) in favour of the things we are told we need: money, status, power, objects.

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