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Rachel Franco

I am an Artist who embraces the energy of movement, spoken word, and embodied presence as vehicles for artistic expression and intellectual exploration. Through my practice, I weave together the physicality of dance, the power of storytelling, and the profound simplicities of Being Human.


My work explores the depths of human experience and how we engage with the complexities of the present world. 


I believe in the transformative power of art to inspire change and provoke thought and emotion. I aim to create immersive experiences that ignite curiosity, expand consciousness, and invite audiences to embrace a deeper connection with themselves and the world around them.



Bachelor of Arts Honours in Dance/Theatre from the University of Winnipeg and the School of Contemporary Dancers


Contemporary Dance Intensive Exchange at Delfos Danza Contemporánea in Mazatlán Mexico


Contemporary and Ballet Summer Intensive at the National Ballet of Canada in Toronto


Full-time student of the Professional Program of the School of Contemporary Dancers and the University of Winnipeg


Student of the Junior Professional Program of the School of Contemporary Dancers


Just a tiny piece of seaweed growing bigger everyday

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