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Hi, I'm Rachel! The Rach in my name rhymes with Bach.

I am a Producer, Performer, and Educator, and I am passionate about creating memorable work for screen and stage.

My curiosity for emerging technologies leads me to create with green screen, 360º video, motion capture, AI, virtual reality, and digital video components. I am interested in the embodied presence in the real world, and how it affects and is affected by technology.

 My passion for creating quality content for young minds allowed me to produce series for Knowledge Network, Amazon Prime, Nickelodeon, Jim Henson Co, Fisher Price, and Mattel.

Some wonderful funding bodies such as the TELUS Fund, CMF, and Proimágenes Colombia have found me to be a worthy recipient of monetary awards for my projects, and I am grateful for that support, as well as the support of audiences and critics of my work.

I love creating and performing art that is physical, fantastical, and larger than life. Who needs gravity, anyway? 

Rachel Franco
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